About Catherine and Pearls & Caramel 

Welcome to Pearls & Caramel! My name is Catherine; I am a lifestyle blogger relishing elegance in beauty, fashion, home decor, gourmandise and everything else on the finer side.

Here are some of my favourite things…

I love pure dark chocolate, I love a nice Pinot noir, I love to eat oysters especially if they are opened by someone else, I love sultry salsa music & red hot salsa, I love big planes and stylish hotel rooms, I love sticky lipgloss.

I love big and small dogs, I love mischievous dogs, I love pink pyjamas, I love to smile and to put on rollers, I love early mornings in Paris, I love endless walks in foreign cities, I am a sucker for good stories and beautiful packaging.

I love shoes on sale and shoes not on sale, I love shoes, I like to jump when I get good news, and I am also obsessed with pearls, hats as well all things beauty, especially French skincare and lipsticks.

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  1. Awesome website!! I didn't have much to do, it's very quiet today, so I've been checking it out...lol I wish you all the best and much success:)

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments. And a big thank you for helping me with the wine selection earlier today. Great service!

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