Not Your Classic Trench Coat

Apr 17, 2017
Miroslava Duma wearing a Valentino trench coat
The trench coat has come a long way since its first days as an official raincoat for First World War Army officers. While this classic beige gabardine coat remains a wardrobe staple, it's with great ingenuity that fashion designers have been revisiting this iconic piece of clothing for the past few seasons. Either with pastel shades, floral embroideries or appliqués, a fun print, a looser or even an edgier shape, these new trench coats are both refreshingly feminine and modern. Here are some of my current favourites:

Soïa & Kyo Arabella trench, $350

Dynamite indoor maxi trench, $69.95

And last but not least, how perfectly tailored is this chic one? 
Roberto Cavalli leopard-print trench coat, $1980US?

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