How To Rescue Your Damaged Nails

Jul 11, 2016

I have a confession to make: As much as I enjoy collecting pretty shades of nail polish, I’m rather addicted to gel and acrylic nails. There is something about waking up every day with primped nails or not having to worry about chipping your freshly applied nail polish that I find incredibly enticing. 

While the perks of using gel and acrylic nails are quite obvious, it’s safe to say that these techniques can seriously wreak havoc on your nails. And having dry, brittle and weakened nails is so unpleasant, which is why I have been looking for a repair solution for a long time. I have tried all kinds of home remedies, diy mixtures, expensive treatments, and even supplements such as Biotin. But the results were not always impressive nor sustainable. 

That’s until I discovered CND’s Rescue RXx, a daily keratin treatment designed to improve nail condition in only a week. You can imagine my enthusiasm when I read about the product’s promising claim. At first, I was rather skeptical, but I was also incredibly curious to try this product since my nails were overly splitting and peeling at that time. 

Rescue RXx is infused with jojoba oil, keratin protein, and sweet almond oil, which bonds to natural nails. The application method is straightforward: You simply shake the bottle very well and apply to clean and unvarnished nails by massaging the liquid twice a day for a week. 

After a week of moisturizing my hands with the keratin formula, my nails slowly grew thicker and stronger as though I had spent the week at the beach. While I prefer to have painted nails in general, I decided to pursue the experiment for two more weeks, simply to pamper my hands even more. The result was striking. My brittle nails were now a thing of the past. 

Since I have tried countless of other products to care for my nails without any significative results, I’m thrilled to have finally found an efficient treatment. The only disadvantage of CND’s Rescue RXx is that you have to commit to the idea of having naked nails for at least a week—or more if your nails are extremely dry and weak. But it's such a minor compromise when you think about it. Plus, you can always use a buffer to make them a bit more polished. 

Ever since I discovered this mind-boggling solution, I have been eager to try other nail care products from the brand. A few days ago, I started using the Cuticle Eraser, a lotion formulated with alpha hydroxy acids created to gently exfoliate cuticles daily. I am also enjoying the Solar Oil, their famous nail and cuticle conditioner with vitamin E. Although it's too early to report on these two particular products, I already like the idea of having a proper beauty routine for my nails.

Catherine xo

Photography by Guy Bourdin for Vogue, 1970

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