2 Must-Have Accessories For Every Girl On-The-Go

Jul 22, 2016

Whether you are about to travel abroad, or you are getting ready to spend a long weekend at the cottage, here are two practical items that you should absolutely pack in your suitcase: 

Thanks to this nifty gadget made of aircraft grade aluminum, you can finally smell wonderful anywhere you go without having to carry a heavy perfume bottle in your bag. This pocket-size atomizer bottle can be filled with any of your favourite fragrances in just a few seconds. It can hold up to 50 pumps, deliver an ultra-fine mist and is surprisingly light. It’s so easy to freshen up on the go with this sleek FDA-approved accessory, plus it comes in a wide variety of models.

Everyone knows that a headache can strike at any moment, even in the most idyllic setting (hello Almafi Coast!). Instead of popping pills next time, why don’t you try the new Headache Roll-on by Puressentiel. It’s an all-natural product made with nine essential oils (think eucalyptus and lavender), which helps relax the nervous system and ease the mind. And not only is it very efficient, but it also relieves a headache as soon as you apply it. The trick is to roll on the tube on pressure points such as the middle of your forehead, on your temples, above your eyebrows and even behind your ears. If you like using essential oils, you should also try their S.O.S Travel Roll-on created to prevent and fight travel discomforts as well as their Circulation Ultra Fresh Gel, great to relieve heavy legs after a long flight or road trip. 

Enjoy your time off!

Catherine xo 

Both products can be purchased at your local pharmacies.

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