I tried the first salt room in Montreal

Apr 16, 2016

If you love cooking, you probably know that Himalayan salt is packed with minerals and elements. But did you know that visiting a salt cave could strengthen the immune system and heal some of the most common respiratory and skin ailments? In fact, Himalayan salt is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which is why inhaling pink salt in a cave or salt room can alleviate conditions such as sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, cold, eczema, psoriasis as well as stress and fatigue.

Very popular in Eastern Europe, Halotherapy, or salt therapy, is finally catching up in North America with salt rooms popping up all over from Florida to Vancouver. Thanks to Elite Laser, the well-established medical spa in Westmount, Montrealers can now decompress in the first salt room in the city. 
What is a session like? Patients sit and unwind - or practice yoga - in a room covered with pink bricks from floor to ceiling. The air feels quite briny, light is dimmed, and you can even taste the salt on your lips since microscopic particles of Himalayan salts are pushed into the air with the help of a halogenerator, a fancy machine designed to grind and vaporize the salt. 
After the session, I left the spa incredibly relaxed. I suddenly understood what owner Tali Hazan had meant when she said: "a 45-minute session is like a week at the beach." I slept like a baby that night and was surprised to see that I was not longer congested the following day. After a long episode of flu & sinusitis, I could finally breathe normally. While Halotherapy can improve many symptoms, it's important to mention that this approach is a complementary treatment to conventional medicine. That being said, next time I have a respiratory infection, I know exactly what I'll do.
Elite Laser (514) 925-3338 - C-250-1 Westmount Square Mall Level - Montreal, QC, H3Z 2P9
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