10 Things To Start The Year On A Positive Note

Jan 2, 2016

10 things to start the year on a positive note:

1. Think about what made the previous year memorable.
2.Write down everything you wish yourself in 2016, from the minor details to the big plans. Did just that yesterday and came up with 4 pages - yes, I was quite inspired!

3. Go for a 20-minute walk.
4. Organize your beauty cabinet.
5. Find new healthy and comforting recipes to try like this red lentil coconut soup.
6. Sort out your folders, pictures and apps on your laptop, your phone and tablet.
7. Start a 10-minute a day meditation practice - the Calm app is pretty amazing.
8. Get a new hair cut.
9. Start planning your next your vacation. And if you need some inpsiration, read about the Best places to travel in 2016.
10. Head over to your public library or favourite bookstore and pick a new book.

Happy New Year everyone!

Catherine xo
2 comments on "10 Things To Start The Year On A Positive Note"
  1. Great post! I went to the Calm website and it is absolutely amazing!

    1. Thank you Rosemarie! Glad you like the Calm app & website, it is very well designed. I have been practicing meditation for a few years already, yet I really enjoyed using this app from time to time. Wishing you a smooth beginning of the year! Catherine xx


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