Sublimessence By Lise Watier: Time In A Bottle

Oct 2, 2015

There's a new serum on the market with an intriguing key ingredient from Quebec: It's Lise Watier's Sublimessence, an age-defying serum made with the highest concentration of Labrador tea extract. It promises rejuvenated skin, radiant complexion and smoother skin just one week! What's so unique about Labrador tea extract? It's a plant super rich in antioxidants, vitamins and it can survive under extreme weather conditions. It's actually how it got discovered by scientists. Infused in this silky serum, it serves to fight wrinkles and preserve skin's elasticity. Sublimessence is particularly light, has a nice refreshing aspect and is fast-absorbing, which is great especially if you are in a rush. 

I obviously don't expect a miracle in only a week, but after two weeks of applying it twice a day, I am rather surprised with the results. My skin looks less dull and my pores seem tighter than before. I also believe that it has soften the overall appearance of fine lines. I can't wait to try this innovative serum during the colder months, it sounds very promising. Plus, I find it cool to see such a cutting-edge product made by a local skincare brand, it's really something to proud of.

Catherine xo
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