Gloria Bass: 40 Years Of Sparkle

Oct 13, 2015
"Women of Influence" advertising campaign for Gloria Bass Design, which features high-profile Quebec women such as Isabelle Hudon, Geneviève Borne, Azamit and Louise Lecavalier
When we think about fine jewellery, Bulgari, De Beers and Piaget are some of the most illustrious names that first come to mind. But did you know that Gloria Bass, Montreal's very own award-winning jewellery designer, is now celebrating 40 years of sparkle?

I recently had the immense honour of being invited to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to meet the lady of the hour and have access to an exclusive viewing of her most exquisite jewellery creations and signatures pieces. I was familiar with her stunning and highly covetable - stackable rings, but I had never seen her collection of "wearable art" made with voluptuous pearls - you know how much I love pearls! - and breathtaking gems. As you can imagine, I totally fell in love with her divine designs. I even had the chance to try on an elegant, and massively heavy, pearl necklace with 18k gold, tourmaline and diamonds. What a thing of beauty it was! It even made me feel like royalty for an instant.

While her pieces can sometimes be understated or bold with intricate details; they never lack finesse. When I mentioned that to Gloria Bass, she explained how she is always inspired by strong and passionate women from various walks of life. That was the inspiration behind her brilliant ad campaign featuring a delightful mix of high-profile Quebec women such as Isabelle Hudon, Louise Lecavalier and Geneviève Borne. Some of her muses and close friends even came to the event wearing a unique piece from her collection. It was a real pleasure to notice the pride in the designer's eyes. If you wish to discover her work, I highly recommend visiting her website, but most importantly her intimate atelier on Greene Avenue in Westmount, you'll be dazzled by her talent.

Gloria Bass Design is located at 1361-1 Greene Avenue, Westmount, (514) 933-7062

Catherine xo

Images from Jimmy Hamelin and Carlos Gomez
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