10 Highlights From Chanel Airlines

Oct 6, 2015

Have you ever heard of Chanel Airlines, the most stylish way to travel where there is no luggage restriction, no endless line in security checks and where everyone is traveling in style dressed in Chanel? That was Karl Lagerfeld's latest fantasy for the most sought-after event at Paris Fashion Week. After the funky art galery, the classic French brasserie, the poetic garden, the deliriously fun supermarket and many other brilliant themes, it's into the luxurious Paris-Cambon Airport Terminal 2C that the magnificent Grand Palais was transformed earlier today. Passengers arrived through Gate 5 before parading with their fancy tweed suits and posh suitcases. Although I eagerly await every single Chanel show, this particular one had me swooning from the very first instant. I guess that having worked for the airline industry, I always dream of the golden era of travel when everything was more classy and elegant. Here are 10 highlights from this fabulous Chanel show:

1. A modern take on the iconic canotier hat

2. The line-up at Gate 5

3. The Paris-Cambon Airport Terminal 2C at the Grand Palais

4. The stylish finale

5. Yes, the mini-handbag trend is here to stay!

6. Vanessa Paradis in the front row with daughter Lily-Rose Depp and photographer Jean-Paul Goude

7. Kendall Jenner strutting in the airport terminal

8. Janelle Monae stuns in her black and white Chanel ensemble

9. A Chanel passenger in soft pink tweed

10. Sophisticated Chanel passengers and crew arriving at the terminal

11. Perhaps my favourite outfit from the show. The bows, the tweed, the ultra-feminine silhouette, the soft grey & black palette, the sunnies, the gloves, the mini-bag; everything just oozes femininity.

12. Karl Lagerfeld with Cara Delevingne and muse Hudson Kroenig

Catherine xo

Images via Vogue, The New York Times and The Guardian
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