3 Laroche-Posay Staples

Sep 18, 2015

Laroche-Posay is one of the first skincare brands I have tried and as such, it will always have a special place in my heart. Although I have tried many different brands since then, I often return to the blue label because I am convinced that within their comprehensive inventory, I'll always find a great product to address my skin's needs. When we think Laroche-Posay, we often consider Anthelios, the mighty effective and well-known sunscreen line. As much as I like Anthelios products, today I thought I'd tell you about three other products I have very often in my beauty cabinet.

The first one is Toleriane Ultra-Fluid, which I have already mentioned in my Winter Pampering edit. It's a gentle and extremely lightweight face moisturizer that can be used year-round. I like the no-fuss appeal of this face lotion. It's nothing very sexy, yet it's so soothing and hydrating. I have started to use the Intensive Resurfacing Serum Derm AHA after being advised that chemical exfoliation would be less damaging to my skin. This water-based alpha-hydroxy acid serum is designed to improve the tone and texture of the skin. It's another lightweight Laroche-Posay product that is easily absorbed once applied. I believe that it is particularly efficient at treating dull, lackluster complexion. My third favourite is Redermic R Eyes, a powerful retinol concentrate especially developed for the delicate area around the eyes. It's an all-in-one nighttime treatment to reduce dark circles, smooth lines away and prevent dryness. While it contains 0,1% pure retinol, it's gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I always go back to this eye cream whenever my eyes feel tired or when they are lacking luminosity. 

What are your Laroche-Posay staples?
Catherine xo
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