A New Twist On The Iconic Cuba Libre!

Jul 17, 2015

When we think about rum, we usually think about exotic countries in the Caribbean where sugarcane grows. But did you know that Domaine Pinnacle recently launched Chic Choc, a brand new spiced rum? This amber nectar is first distilled with a traditional pot still to which spices harvested in the Chic Choc area of Quebec are added to give it a strong Nordic personality. The result is absolutely enticing. With its 42.1% alcohol content and its rich scent, this new liquor is remarkably fragrant and sweet. Is it a sin to pour coke into such delightfully aromatic rum? Trust me, it isn't.

Happy Friday everyone!

Catherine xo
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  1. Happy Friday, Catherine! Sounds delicious...you're right without the coke :)


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