Get Your Tan On With Esthederm

Jun 2, 2015

Are you dreaming of sunbathing sessions but you are also becoming increasingly concerned about the damages caused by sun exposure? Things are about to change this summer thanks to French skincare brand Esthederm. This season, the high-tech dermo-cosmetic company is expanding its famous Photo Cellular Care line to allow us to tan while protecting our skin from the sun.

Sounds confusing? It's true; Esthederm has a different approach to sun care. The brand believes in working with the sun instead of against it and thinks that overprotecting the skin with very high SPF "hinders the skin's natural ability to adapt to the sun". According to the company, tanning offers the best protection against the sun because the skin's melanin contains powerful protection against free radicals and UV rays. That's why Esthederm has developed a line of products that intensifies the tan while helping the skin to adapt naturally to the sun.

The two new products from the Photo Cellular Care line, Sun Bronz and Adaptasun, are designed for skin that tans quickly and rarely burns. Sun Bronz is a silky soft dry oil that can be used on the face, body and hair. Not only does it stimulates tanning and protects from sunburns, but it also helps strengthen the natural defence mechanism. Adaptasun is a pre-tanning product to use 20 minutes before sun exposure or a few days before heading to a sunny destination. This milky spray is the product to use if you want a uniform and long-lasting tan. Aside from smelling like a vacation in a bottle and leaving the skin beautifully soft, these two products offer a strong protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Now all you need is a sassy new bikini!

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  2. I've heard good things about this esthederm güneş kremi product. Going on my wish list now!


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