4 Things I Learned From Joe Cross

Jun 6, 2015

Have you ever heard of Joe Cross, the Australian who lost 100 pounds and cured his illness by drinking only fresh-pressed juice for sixty days? This famous author and filmmaker internationally known for his award-winning documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was recently in town to promote his latest book Reboot with Joe - Fully Charged: 7 keys to losing weight, staying healthy and thriving. 

And guess what? I was invited to meet him! While Joe's first documentary was made to capture his own 60-day juice fast - aka his reboot phase - across the United States, with his new book he shares tips and tricks to make healthy choices following a reboot phase. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe over lunch where grilled chicken and green salad were served. For about two hours, he opened up about his personal experience from his own quest to get and remain healthy to becoming one of the most popular wellness advocates out there. As an avid fresh juice drinker, I was quite thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to someone so passionate about nutrition.

Today, I thought I'd share with you four key lessons I have learned from him:

1. Don't give moral power to food
This is probably the most important advice I learned from Joe Cross. In essence, when we start watching what we eat, we often make the mistake to use food as a moral compass. For example, we'll put the apple in the good category and the pain au chocolat - Joe's favorite treat - in the bad category. But according to Joe, food shouldn't be good or bad; food is either very nutritive or not nutritive at all. If we look at food with a good or bad frame of mind and treat ourselves with something from the bad category, we will probably end up feeling guilty, which will often trigger an emotional downward spiral. The goal here is to remove the moral component and try instead to make nutritious choices. I think it such a positive and refreshing attitude to have toward food. It totally makes sense because as Joe said it: "few things in the world are more important than our relationship with food."

2 Start your day with a juice
When you start your day with a freshly made juice, you set the tone for the entire day. Therefore, you tend to make more nutritious choices as the day unfold. I have followed Joe's advice and I must confess that ever since I started juicing in the morning, I haven't been tempted to eat candies - and believe me I have a quite a sweet tooth. 

3. Prep your juice twice a week
Here's another simple yet effective recommendation: To make sure you drink your juice every single day, Joe suggest preparing big batches on the Sunday evening for Monday through Wednesday and on Wednesday evening for Thursday through Sunday. All you need is to pour your juices in mason jars and refrigerate them. It’s so much easier to commit to drinking your daily juice if all you need to do is to pick one in the fridge.

4. Joe's Mean Green Recipe
Of course, a meeting with Joe Cross wouldn't be complete without a juice tasting. After seeing him drink plenty of green juices in his documentaries, I was quite curious to finally try his own recipe. 
For 1 serving:
8 kale leaves
1 cucumber
4 celery sticks
2 apples, cored
1/2 lemon, peeled
1in/2.5cm piece of fresh root ginger
The big chunk of ginger adds a nice kick to the mix, but you can use a smaller piece if you are not a massive ginger fan. I have tried this recipe at home with my new juicer, the Juice Fountain Plus, kindly offered by Breville. This juicer is such a joy to use. I had been juicing for a while with an old and loud juicer that would move every single time I use it. The Breville one is surprisingly powerful and quiet. I have also noticed that my juices are silkier, if that's even possible. Yes, as you can tell, I am very much in love with new juicer!
And as Joe said it at the end of our meeting: "Juice on!".

The day I met Joe Cross in Montreal

Catherine xo
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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and the four lessons. I've had my Breville for some time and love it! Yes, I was inspired by Joe's Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead film to purchase it and begin juicing. I love the Mean Green, and oftentimes add a small serrano or some jalapeno pepper.

    1. Serrano pepper?! Lovely idea, I need to try this next time I use my Breville. I'm glad you liked my post. Such an inspiring man Joe Cross. Keep juicing Jackie! xx


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