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Happy Hour At Bota Bota

Jun 29, 2015
Urban Drift Thursdays At Bota Bota

Need an excuse to sneak out of work early this summer? The Bota Bota brings back Urban Drift Thursdays, a special program to pair the best of both worlds: spa and 5à7! For $35, you can experience the vast water circuit and sip white sangria at only $6 every Thursday from 5pm to 8 pm. 

I was invited to their season opening event last week and it was amazing as always. We were treated to a yummy BBQ on the deck, which was the first time I had a BBQ while lounging in a bathrobe. The menu was healthy as can be: A zingy gazpacho, a few roasted nuts followed by some delicious grilled vegetables served with a grilled calamari, a beef kebab and a piece of chorizo. After a few sips of wine, I found myself daydreaming while gazing at the breathtaking view of Old Montreal. After dinner, we all went our separate ways to enjoy the water circuits and discover the splendid new garden extension. This thoughtfully designed spa-sur-l'eau is such a unique place to unwind and recharge without leaving the city.

Here's the calendar of events for July and August:

On July 23 & August 20: Terrace with Auberge Saint-Gabriel
For those who love terrace time, treat yourself to a magical moment with Old Montreal as your backdrop. Share delicious BBQ treats surrounded by friends both old and new. Our 5@7 terrace will seduce you with a beautiful view and ambiance.
On July 2, 30 & August 27: Escape with Kusmi Tea
It's not always easy to stop and take a moment for yourself. That's why we're offering 3 special moments of escape this summer. With massage chairs and free iced teas, it's pretty perfect!
On July 9 & August 6: Yogi with Lululemon
Take the time to free your body and your mind from everyday stress. Enjoy an unforgettable moment of relaxation with the wonderful yoga ambassadors of Lululemon. Put health and toning on your agenda.
On July 16 & August 13: Fashion with MMM
Attention fashionistas! Are you looking for something truly new? Mix business with pleasure at two special evenings alongside Me, Myself and Montreal. On the menu: mocktails, gourmet snacks, live jazz and Montreal designers!
Visit Bota Bota for more details!

Catherine xo

Image credit: Marie-Reine Mattera for Bota Bota

Waterproof Makeup Wonders

Jun 28, 2015
I'm all for simplicity in the summertime. I enjoy wearing minimalist outfits - hello rompers & dresses! - making easy recipes like gazpacho and paring down my beauty routine. In the makeup department, I rely on the creamy Aqua Matic eye shadow pencils from Make Up For Ever to add a touch of liner or to create a smoky eye that will stand up to heat and humidity. There are 5 additions to the waterproof line this season including the subtle Diamond Peach and the deliciously hot Diamond Light Turquoise, which looks stunning with brown eyes. For a sun-kissed glow, I have recently discovered the ultra-natural Pro Bronze Fusion, a fascinating gel-powder formula that comes in a matte or iridescent finish. It's incredibly lightweight and it blends like a charm using the flat synthetic Kabuki brush from the same line. And of course, it's waterproof.

What are your waterproof makeup essentials?

Catherine xo

Tiffany CT60: A Vintage-Inspired Watch Collection

Jun 26, 2015
The new CT60 watch collection by Tiffany & Co

Did you know that the Atlas clock mounted on the facade of Tiffany & Co. in 1853 was the first publicly displayed clock in New York City? That's quite interesting considering that Tiffany isn't always the first brand that pops into mind when you think of buying a new watch, unless you are in the market for a diamond-adorned cocktail watch (lucky you!).

Our perception of the brand is certainly about to change with the unveiling of the Tiffany CT60, a Swiss-made timepiece collection for men and women. Named after Charles Tiffany, the company's founder who coined the term "New York Minute" and used to weekly regulate over 400 clocks owned by its customers, the new collection encapsulates the energy and ambition of New York City.

The gold watch offered to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by Tiffany & Co. in 1945

With a bold dial inspired by the famous gold watch offered to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945, the collection represents a seamless transition from historic to the modern Tiffany design. For the ladies, the CT60 comes in 34mm size with a stainless steel bracelet or an alligator strap. The prices range from $4,250 in steel to $15,000 for rose gold with diamonds. I have recently had the pleasure of wearing the CT60 3-Hand with round-cut diamonds...well, only for a few minutes when I was invited to discover the collection at their Montreal store. It's a thing of beauty!

At the dawn of the smart watch era, it's refreshing to see how Tiffany & Co. focuses on the retro trend with a watch collection both clean and effortlessly elegant.

Catherine xo

Image credit: Tiffany & Co.

Like A Holiday On The Almafi Coast

Jun 23, 2015

L'Eau des bienfaits by Roger&Gallet

If there is a French skincare brand that always remind me of my childhood in France, it's definitely Roger&Gallet. Between the array of delicate scents, the perfumed soaps wrapped in silk paper, the refreshing body products and the colourful packaging, I pretty much love everything about this brand. 

I recently discovered that the secret of the Eau de Cologne has been in the Roger&Gallet family since 1806. It's around that time that Jean Marie Farina first started selling Eau de Cologne based on the formula created by his great grand-uncle, Johann Maria Farina, in 1709. Fascinating, isn't?

This summer, the French house is launching Eau des bienfaits, a worthy heir to the iconic Jean Marie Farina fragrance. Made with essential oils and aloe vera, this invigorating body mist freshens, perfumes and moisturises all at once. If you like the smell of blood orange, bergamot and lemon, you'll love to spritz this light perfume all over your body. It smells like a holiday on the Amalfi coast. Very chic and summery!

Wishing you all a delightful summer!

Catherine xo

Sunscreen For Your Eyes, Yes Please!

Jun 17, 2015

Did you know that 10% of skin cancers appear on the eyelids although this area represents only 1% of the skin's surface?  Appalling isn't? As we are all getting more and more conscious about the importance of sunscreen in our skincare routine, SkinCeuticals had the brilliant idea of creating a unique formula designed for the delicate skin around the eye. Meet the Physical Eye UV Defense, a mineral base sunscreen that provides broad spectrum SPF 50 protection. What's great about this product? Many things. Firstly, the formulation is quite nourishing thanks to the use of ceramides. As for the famous Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50, it offers a sheer universal tint that gives you a bit of coverage without leaving white residue. And last but not least, it creates a beautiful base for makeup that will not roll over once you will apply your concealer or eyeshadows.

Catherine xo

A Lavish Grand Prix Party At The WMontreal

Jun 16, 2015

There isn't a shortage of exciting things to do during Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal. Between the race, the various outdoor festivities and the many private parties, there is something for just about everyone. This year, I had the honour of being invited to the first edition of the Pit Stop Party held at the W Montreal and it was all kinds of wonderful! Imagine the concept: A stylish and modern setting, a beautiful crowd, a sophisticated fashion show by Masabni, NICO and Wizemen, a kick-ass performance from Canadian indie band Fast Romantics, some fancy cocktails made by the Wunderbar's mixologists, beauty touch-ups offered by talented Guerlain make-up artists and you have yourself a dazzling event. I'm still dreaming about it, it was such an electrifying 5à7!

Catherine xo

Spread A Little Caviar On Your Face

Jun 13, 2015

There are many things I like to do when I need a pick me up. Sometimes I grab a piece of dark chocolate, buy a new pair of shoes or a sassy dress and sometimes all I want is to treat myself to a good face mask while taking a long bath. Since I have combination skin, I have always relied on clay masks to remove impurities on my t-zone. But lately, I have come to understand that my face could also benefit from a richer mask from time to time. 

My cousins in Switzerland, who happened to have the most beautiful complexion, have often told me about their favourite local skincare brand named Declaré. As I am always curious to experiment with different skincare products, I decided to put the Declaré Caviar Perfection Mask to the test. 

Now, what is all the fuss with caviar? Well, the caviar cell structure is quite similar to the structure of a human skin cell. Therefore, it has the ability to boost collagen production while slowing down the aging process. That's why this expensive delicacy has become such a sought-after ingredient in the skincare industry. The caviar from Declaré's mask is made from Siberian sturgeon farm-raised in South of France. This particular species, chosen for the remarkable quality of its roe, is filled with nutrients and antioxidants that are known for regenerating and healing the skin.

When you apply the Caviar Perfection Mask, you can either let it melt on your face for about 10-15 minutes or leave it all night for an extra nourishing treatment. The greatest thing about this mask is that you'll see results in only a few minutes. Who doesn't like instant gratification? Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids found in caviar, the skin will not only appear smoother, but it will also have a natural glow. I have recently used this exotic facial before heading out to a special event and was amazed to see how my makeup sat perfectly on my face that evening. 

With a $75 price tag, this little luxury - which is part of the only skincare line made with caviar available in drugstores - is such a dream! 

What are your favourite nourishing face masks?

Catherine xo

4 MTL Terraces To See And Be Seen

Jun 11, 2015
Terrasses Bonsecours - photo credit:
What's the single best thing to do in the summertime in Montreal? I'd say unwinding on a terrace with friends while sipping cocktails. With the warmer days upon us, I thought I'd share with you four of my favourite spots to see and be seen this summer. Located in 4 different neighbourhoods, they offer a unique perspective on our vibrant city. Here they are...

A large industrial venue with an energetic and trendy vibe
Address: 950, Rue Ottawa
Popular drinkKhaleesi cocktail, a refreshing cocktail made with Absolut Berry
What to eat: Tacos & ceviche from their Matador pop-up kitchen

Le Balcon - Le Newtown
An elegant roofttop terrace with a classy atmosphere in one of the city's hottest spot
Neighbourhood: Golden Square Mile
Address: 1476, Rue Crescent, Montreal
Signature drink: The mojito bar offers six variations of the summery cocktail, including a delicious raspberry one
What to eat: Ceviche, try the scallop or salmon ones

Here I am with fellow blogger Anna from Working Chix
A garden chic terrace on four levels with a breathtaking view of Old Montreal and the St. Lawrence River
Neighbourhood: Old-Port
Address: 364, Rue de la Commune Est
Signature drink: A wide selection of sangrias, try the blue one made with white wine, hypnotic, curaçao and pineapple juice
What to eat: BBQ tapas and tartares during cocktail hours, you can also try their boozy brunch every Sunday

Photo credit:

Neighbourhood: St-Henri
Address: 3734 rue Notre-Dame
An intimate terrace offering an East Coast inspired menu and a laid-back ambiance
Signature drinks: Henri's Vineyard and The Limonade, both made with Ungava Premium Dry Gin
What to eat: The lobster rolls are a must!

Photo credit: George Alexandar, Hastag Media

Hope to see you around soon!

Catherine xo

Iconic Wayfarer

Jun 9, 2015

I'm not sure if it's the influence of James Dean or Audrey Hepburn, but I have always had a fascination for the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. What can I say I love timeless elegance, especially with accessories. Timeless pieces really add chic to any outfit without screaming fashion victim. When I started to look around for a pair of Wayfarer, I was rather surprised to discover so many variations on the same model. Hello original Wayfarer, new Wayfarer, folding Wayfarer with countless colored frames and lenses! Maybe it's been a while but I don't recall having that many options to choose from when I purchased my Ray-Ban Jackie O'. I finally found my perfect pair, the folding ones in Shiny Havana, at SmartBuyGlasses. This e-store has a wide selection - including 177 models of Ray-Ban sunglasses - offers unbeatable prices and ships very fast. What else can you ask for? Maybe another pair of Ray-Ban to expand my collection...

Do you also share my passion for Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Catherine xo

4 Things I Learned From Joe Cross

Jun 6, 2015

Have you ever heard of Joe Cross, the Australian who lost 100 pounds and cured his illness by drinking only fresh-pressed juice for sixty days? This famous author and filmmaker internationally known for his award-winning documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was recently in town to promote his latest book Reboot with Joe - Fully Charged: 7 keys to losing weight, staying healthy and thriving. 

And guess what? I was invited to meet him! While Joe's first documentary was made to capture his own 60-day juice fast - aka his reboot phase - across the United States, with his new book he shares tips and tricks to make healthy choices following a reboot phase. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe over lunch where grilled chicken and green salad were served. For about two hours, he opened up about his personal experience from his own quest to get and remain healthy to becoming one of the most popular wellness advocates out there. As an avid fresh juice drinker, I was quite thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to someone so passionate about nutrition.

Today, I thought I'd share with you four key lessons I have learned from him:

1. Don't give moral power to food
This is probably the most important advice I learned from Joe Cross. In essence, when we start watching what we eat, we often make the mistake to use food as a moral compass. For example, we'll put the apple in the good category and the pain au chocolat - Joe's favorite treat - in the bad category. But according to Joe, food shouldn't be good or bad; food is either very nutritive or not nutritive at all. If we look at food with a good or bad frame of mind and treat ourselves with something from the bad category, we will probably end up feeling guilty, which will often trigger an emotional downward spiral. The goal here is to remove the moral component and try instead to make nutritious choices. I think it such a positive and refreshing attitude to have toward food. It totally makes sense because as Joe said it: "few things in the world are more important than our relationship with food."

2 Start your day with a juice
When you start your day with a freshly made juice, you set the tone for the entire day. Therefore, you tend to make more nutritious choices as the day unfold. I have followed Joe's advice and I must confess that ever since I started juicing in the morning, I haven't been tempted to eat candies - and believe me I have a quite a sweet tooth. 

3. Prep your juice twice a week
Here's another simple yet effective recommendation: To make sure you drink your juice every single day, Joe suggest preparing big batches on the Sunday evening for Monday through Wednesday and on Wednesday evening for Thursday through Sunday. All you need is to pour your juices in mason jars and refrigerate them. It’s so much easier to commit to drinking your daily juice if all you need to do is to pick one in the fridge.

4. Joe's Mean Green Recipe
Of course, a meeting with Joe Cross wouldn't be complete without a juice tasting. After seeing him drink plenty of green juices in his documentaries, I was quite curious to finally try his own recipe. 
For 1 serving:
8 kale leaves
1 cucumber
4 celery sticks
2 apples, cored
1/2 lemon, peeled
1in/2.5cm piece of fresh root ginger
The big chunk of ginger adds a nice kick to the mix, but you can use a smaller piece if you are not a massive ginger fan. I have tried this recipe at home with my new juicer, the Juice Fountain Plus, kindly offered by Breville. This juicer is such a joy to use. I had been juicing for a while with an old and loud juicer that would move every single time I use it. The Breville one is surprisingly powerful and quiet. I have also noticed that my juices are silkier, if that's even possible. Yes, as you can tell, I am very much in love with new juicer!
And as Joe said it at the end of our meeting: "Juice on!".

The day I met Joe Cross in Montreal

Catherine xo