The Only Hairstyling Product You'll Need This Summer

May 22, 2015

At a recent event at the Montreal Ritz-Carlton, I have had the pleasure of meeting Felix Larivi√®re, a celebrity hairstylist and Creative Consultant for John Frieda. Felix - who has worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and plenty of other Hollywood A-listers - knows a thing or two about creating the most sought-after hairstyles. Since it's not everyday that you meet a Hollywood hairstylist, I have asked him to share his tips on how to achieve the absolute summer look: The tousled beach waves. 

Here's the secret to getting effortless beach waves using the new Beach Blond Seawave Salt Spray from John Frieda:

1. You first want to bend your head forward and spritz the product throughout the length of your hair. Don't be afraid to use a generous amount of the sea salt spray, this will give them texture and volume.
2. Then, simply scrunch your hair to evenly distribute the solution. You can also twist and bind a few sections of your hair if you prefer more defined waves. 

It's so impressive how it gives volumes without weighing down your hairstyle. Not only is it easy to apply - the product really does the work for you - but it gives beautiful waves, natural-looking waves in no time. I've also noticed that your hair won't look stiff at all, which is usually what happens after using similar products. You can obviously follow the same routine on wet hair once you get out of the shower. However, since I have quite a fine hair, I have obtained better results on second-day hair. 

And voilà, the look and smell of summer in two easy steps! At this point, you'll only need a mojito...

Catherine xo

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