Red's Armor

May 17, 2015

Have you been following the enthralling TV show Scandal? I mean, what's not to like? Between the stunning Kerry Washington, the brave and loyal gladiators, Olivia Pope's entire wardrobe, the crazy plots, the love triangle and the handsome president of the United States, it's not surprising that the show created by Shonda Rhimes has been highly acclaimed!

Lately, I have had quite a fascination with the character of Abby Whelan, aka Red. There is something about her that I find quite appealing since she became White House Press Secretary. It's so captivating to see her navigate behind the scene from one crisis to the next. These days, she appears stronger and more assertive than when she used to work for Olivia Pope. She has always been awesome in her own way, but now she has turned into a poised, witty and kick-ass woman. 

Something struck me the other day as I was watching the season finale. Now that Abby's wardrobe has evolved to fit her recent position, I noticed that we often see her wearing a gold Tiffany's T chain necklace. This sophisticated piece of jewellery is her signature accessory. As such, it reflects her own personality: her brilliant mind, her passionate attitude and her strong work ethic. And it might even be her stylish armor.
Do you have a signature accessory?

Catherine xo

Image courtesy of ABC
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