3 Lierac Skincare Staples

May 26, 2015

If you have been following my blog for a while, I'm sure you have noticed my love for skincare products, in particular for French ones. There's a French brand I had heard of while living in France, but that I had never gotten around to trying it myself. This iconic brand is Lierac.

When the company recently invited me to celebrate its 40th anniversary, I had the opportunity to learn more about their approach to beauty. Lierac's philosophy is somewhat refreshing in a world where being young and looking younger is celebrated at every opportunity. What are Lierac's views on beauty? The company believes in the idea of progressing gracefully through the decades, which is a very French way to look at life. If you think about it, it's rare that you'll see a woman in her 50s dress like a 20-year-old girl in the streets of Paris. French women understand the beauty of elegance. In fact, as much as they love their beauty products, they try to make the most of each moment rather than being on a quest for eternal youth. 

As I discovered at the event, Lierac's products are plant-based and they are divided into three main lines, namely face, body as well as a unique line for men. So today, I thought I would introduce you to three products that have recently made a difference in my beauty routine:

Multi-Action Concentrate Complete Body Contouring
I know full well that no particular cream can banish cellulite. But when a Parisian friend of mine told me that the Lierac Body-Slim line is highly praised by French women - known for their intense skincare regimen, which includes lymphatic massage, drainage and cutting-edge products - I knew I had to try it. This contouring treatment comes with precise massage instructions to perform on targeted areas twice a day. The concentrate has a velvety soft texture that just melts into the skin when you apply it. The results are fascinating...While it doesn't erase dimpled skin, it gives an instant tightening effect and makes the area looks smoother. Obviously, you can't expect great results if you don't exercise and if you are not paying attention to what you eat. That being said this product this is a nifty tool to incorporate in your beauty routine.

Intense Rehydrating Balm Emergency Hydration
When I first started using this product my face had not still recovered from the harsh winter we have experienced this year. Therefore, I had a few dehydrated areas on my face with a bit of flakiness. Although this product is labeled as a balm, it actually feels like a refreshing gel when you apply it. It is very lightweight and as such, it is perfect to use before applying foundation because it leaves the skin dewy and smooth. This balm has done wonders for my skin but it's more something to have around during the colder months. Yes, it's seriously hydrating!

Phytolastil Solution
Stretch Mark Correction Serum
Stretch marks usually make their appearance when your body changes sizes because of pregnancy or weight loss. While it is most often due to heredity, you can use this Lierac serum to repair the existing stretch marks and prevent the development of new ones.  While using the solution for a period of two months, I have noticed that the stretch marks tend to regain their natural pigmentation (sometimes turning a bit gray). I know how scary this can be at first, but don't be afraid; it only means that the product is working. This intense treatment hasn't made my stretch marks disappeared, but it has definitely minimised their appearance in terms of length and width. The only secret here is to be consistent in applying the serum; your patience will eventually be rewarded.

Have you tried this French brand? If so, what your favourite products?

Catherine xo

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