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Apr 26, 2015

Can’t wait to relax under the sun this summer? But you are city dweller with a teeny tiny balcony? Don't worry because today I'd like to share with you some inspiring ideas to help you decorate your balcony with style. I have also rounded up an assortment of fun outdoor accessories perfect for narrow space. 

The following items are from Rona's Outdoor Garden Section. When I first visited their website, I was expecting to see mostly garden furniture for properties with massive outdoor space. I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that they don't only sell lawn mowers, patio heaters and outdoor furniture sets for 8 people. Indeed, they also have quite a nice selection of accessories for small city balconies just like mine. 

Bistro Set
Summer wouldn't be complete without barbecues. But how do you fit one on a city balcony? Not only is this one perfect in proportions, but it is so adorable.

Master Touch Charcoal Barbecue
Paloma Stackable Lounge Chair
9.8-ft. Umbrella
Outdoor Folding Chair Blue & Taupe
I know this day bed might not fit on your balcony, but can you just imagine sipping your mojito on it for one second. Ain't dreamy?

Sienna Day Bed

Catherine xo

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