A Sophisticated New Look For The Georges Duboeuf's Brouilly

Apr 9, 2015
With Georges Duboeuf & Denis Garreau from Philippe Dandurand Wines
Quebec's best selling Beaujolais, the iconic Georges Duboeuf's Brouilly, has a chic new look. It's at a cocktail event held last week at the offices of Philippe Durand Wines that the new bottle was unveiled. 

As I enjoy meeting people passionate about their craft, you can imagine how pleased I was to get introduced to monsieur Duboeuf himself, aka the international reference in the production and promotion of Beaujolais Nouveau. With annual sales of over 30 million bottles around the world, La Maison Georges Duboeuf is undoubtedly one of the world's most admired wine brands. After we had our picture taken, Georges Duboeuf explained that his idea was to revamp the look of the Brouilly Major, which has had the same signature for over 30 years. While the shape of the bottle remains the same, the new label design presents different characters with a vertical band thus elongating its emblematic oval shape. 

The same fine taste but with a trendy new look, I bet this Beaujolais will appeal to a brand new generation of epicureans.

The old look and the new one

Catherine xo
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