Spring At Burberry

Mar 25, 2015
Burberry Kisses in Peach Delight and Rose Blush & Burberry Brit Rhythm For Her Floral
Spring is most definitely around the corner thanks to Brit Rhythm For Her Floral from Burberry. It's a fresh and sensual scent with a fruity twist. At first spray, it is rather citrusy almost as if you were visiting an orange grove in Calabria. But once it dries down, it turns out into the most pleasant woody and musky smell. It also has subtle powdery note, which reminds a bit of my beloved Chanel N.19 Poudré. While it is a light and delicate fragrance, it has a surprisingly long lasting power. And to add to that, the soft pink textured glass bottle is so chic.

As a lipstick lover, I was beyond thrilled when I heard that Burberry was launching a new collection of Burberry Kisses with 28 sophisticated shades inspired by their runway collection. Not only is the range of colour divine - with some endearing Brit names such as Union Red, English Rose, Devon Sunset - but also the packaging is to die for! Each lipstick is embossed with the iconic plaid design and comes in a gunmetal magnetic case. Oh so very elegant. With a blend of tea, lavender and rosehip, the Burberry Kisses offer an hydrating formula that can be buildable from sheer to full coverage depending on your preference. It's the perfect little luxury if you want to add bit of Burberry in your life.

Have you tried the Burberry Kisses? If you have a thing for soft peach shades, you'll love Peach Delight. 
Catherine xo
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  1. I only tried it the other day...a lovely Spring/Summer scent...and I love the simplicity of the bottle too ;) Have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Indeed, the bottle is simple, yet so chic. Catherine xx

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