All I Want For Christmas

Dec 2, 2014

Just can't believe it's already December! While you must be planning your holiday season, I thought I'd give you a few gift ideas for the elegant lady in your life. There is a bit of everything ranging from stocking stuffers to more personal but equally chic gifts. From left to right:

While offering and receiving gifts is most certainly exciting, for me the holiday season is about cherishing each moment with my loved ones and being grateful for all I have. It's also a moment to think about the ones in needs. If you would like to get involved and make a difference this festive season, please read my post about The Shoe Project, a great initiative launched by the daughters of Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Happy December and enjoy the holiday season!


2 comments on "All I Want For Christmas"
  1. Great ideas! I would be more than happy to unwrap the Chanel books on Christmas Day. We have taken part in similar shoe box projects over here for children.

    1. The Chanel books would make any woman happy on Christmas morning! I'm glad to see that The Shoe Project exists on the other side of the pond. Such a great and simple way to get involved. Thank you for stopping by my dear! xx


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