Rigor Lux, Sumptuous Winter Coats

Nov 5, 2014

One of the perks of having to endure long winters every year - aside from hot chocolate, cosy sweaters and skiing - is to be able to wear splendid coats. As much as I prefer quality over quantity in general, I am a strong believer in having many warm coats if you don't want to be miserable during the colder months. Our winters are considerably long, that's why I like the idea of changing coats to fit my mood, my lifestyle and my social calendar.

Since I am always looking for new coats (and excuses to buy new coats!), I was thrilled when I recently got invited at The Bay'Fur Salon to discover an emerging Canadian brand named Rigor Lux. Created by Newfoundland-born designer Miranda Murray, the company specialises in luxury outerwear for women and men. 

I was completely mesmerised by the sophisticated coats on display the night of the event. I was immediately drawn to a gorgeous dark blue cashmere number with black fur at the collar. Beautiful tailoring, fine details such as leather and suede, satin linings, edgy adornments such as zippers and metal accessories and exceptional craftsmanship - the brand's debut collection is simply divine.

It's always fascinating to see ambitious young women passionate about their craft. Miranda is certainly of them. Now just have a look at the photographs from her first lookbook and tell me it's not love at first sight?


Image credit: Rigor Lux
6 comments on "Rigor Lux, Sumptuous Winter Coats"
  1. I do LOVE a coat, Catherine...and these are gorgeous...might just have to pop across and have a look ;) xx

    1. I read somewhere that the designer was greatly influence by British designers and British fashion in general. Can't really say that I am surprised to hear that you like her coats!

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