Nate Berkus X Target

Oct 6, 2014
Black & gold faceted lamp base, Nate Berkus for Target
Design by Nate Berkus
Design by Nate Berkus
One of my favourite designers, the very handsome Nate Berkus, is back at Target with another swanky, yet affordable decor collection. Filled with grand textures like velvet, faux fur, gem inlays, serpent and gold finishes, black and geometrics details, his latest collection is rather majestic. I have always liked how a lamp has the ability of pulling a room together and to add warmth. That's probably why I am currently coveting the modern matte black and gold faceted lamp shown above. Now I just need to find a place where to put it...
Have you had a chance to see this collection in store?
Image credits: Nate Berkus
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