4 Amazing Hair Styling Products You've Got To Try

Oct 4, 2014

As much as I like discovering new skincare lines, play with different lipsticks and new eye makeup products, when it comes to hair styling I am quite the opposite. I know what works for my hair, I have learned which style is flattering for my face, I know which products suits my hair type and most importantly, I am comfortable with hairstyling routine.

But lately, I've taken an interest in styling my hair in fun new ways. Since I have been busy exploring new hair styling products, I would like to share with you some of my best finds.

L'Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers by Tech ART - Beach Waves
What is it: A texturising salt spray to achieve a beach effect
Why I like it: I have never been a fan of sea salt spray because I have always felt that it made my hair look so flat. However, this one adds beautiful texture, feels lightweight and has a lovely matte finish.

Shu Uemura Detail Master
What is it: A fixing spray with sleek shine and long-lasting hold
Why I like it: I use this on days I feel like having a sleek ponytail. It holds my hair in place without being sticky or crunchy and it adds massive shine.

Kérastase VIP Volume in Powder
What is it: A backcomb effect finishing spray 
Why I like it: I like using this dry shampoo to refresh my hairstyle on second-hair day. It absorbs excess oil, gives loads and doesn't leave any white residue like other dry shampoos I have tried before.

Pureology Strength Cure
What is it: A length treatment for breakage-prone and colour-treated hair
Why I like: I don't know yet if this serum repairs my split-ends, but I do love it because of the way it seals in shine while adding incomparable softness. Plus, it reminds me of my miracle hair product Redken Anti-Snap now discontinued.

Have yourself a great weekend! And let me know if you try something new in the hair department...

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  1. These products are cool!... I have reviewed many Online Hair Styling Products... Well thanks for this...


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