3 New Retinol-Infused Treatments to Discover

Oct 8, 2014

I have started to use retinol a few years ago when I was concerned with the blemishes on my face. I still remembered being blown away by the rapid results. Not only did it help clear up my skin but it also made my complexion much more even and radiant than before. All that in only a few applications.

That is how I got introduced to retinol, a gold standard ingredient according to dermatologists.

Over the years, I have kept using retinol to counteract blemishes and also to prevent the signs of aging. I do believe that retinol is a strong ally in my overall skincare routine. However, much like French women, I think that aging gracefully involves not only a proper skincare routine, but also a healthy lifestyle. If you don't eat a balanced diet, avoid processed food, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, use a broad spectrum sunscreen, have good sleeping habits and manage to relax, you can't expect that skincare alone will prevent you from having dull skin, age spots, dehydration, fine lines and all the other signs of aging. 

When first launched on the market, the anti-aging Holy Grail came with many downsides, namely skin irritation, dryness, itchiness and sometimes peeling. It was also considered safer to use it only at night because of the instability of the antioxidant when exposed to the sun. Now twenty years later, thanks to recent advances in science, the vitamin A derivative still stimulates collagen production, helps with skin turnover and exfoliation while being more affordable and less harsh on the face. 

From this new generation of retinol products, here are three different kinds of treatment I have recently discovered:

As a base or instead of foundation
RoC Retin-OX Correxion BB Cream
What I like about it
Did you know that RoC was the first company to stabilise the retinol molecule 25 years ago after more than 10 years of research? That's one of the first things I discovered while researching this topic. As I am well over the whole BB cream hype, I see this as a tinted moisturiser with benefits. It comes in only one shade with self-adjusting pigments that adapts to your skin tone. It also imparts a light coverage, cancels out redness, offers a good SPF 25 and has a nice creamy texture, which is easy to blend. It's a no-fuss product with retinol, great for light makeup days or to be used as a primer. 

As a treatment around the eyes, the lips and on the forehead:
Laroche Posay Redermic R 
What I like about it
Although my under eye area can be quite sensitive, this formulation containing 0.1% of retinol does not create any irritation. After a few weeks of applying this refreshing gel, I have noticed smoother skin on my forehead and less visible fine lines under the eyes. I find the packaging clever considering you only need a tiny amount at the time. Plus, it is a nice hydrating makeup base.

As an eye contour, daytime & nighttime treatment:
Jouviance Restructiv SRD
What I like about it
The multitasking aspect of this product is rather pleasing; who wouldn't want to use the same product in the morning, at night and for eye contour? Fortified with peptides and hyaluronic acid, this lightweight cream with 0.75% retinol has a unique delivery system by which the formula is slowly released to reach the deepest epidermis layers. I have been surprised to see my complexion turn more plumped and radiant in about two weeks. 
Have you also tried these products? What are your favourite retinol products?
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