Petit Lapin, An Allergen Free and Gluten Free Pâtisserie

Aug 18, 2014

If your son had around 30 food related allergies and you couldn't find a cake to celebrate his first birthday, would you consider opening a bakery? Well, that's exactly what Viviane Nguyen, the owner of the Petit Lapin Pâtisserie , did a few months ago.

Over the weekend, I visited her lovely shop to pick up some sweet treats for my mother's upcoming birthday. Nestled discreetly amid other shops on Victoria Street in Westmount, the tiny and colourful bakery offers the cutest selection of cupcakes, macarons, madeleines and donuts. But there is a twist; all the sweets are allergen free, gluten free and lactose free.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Viviane while selecting a few mini cupcakes on Saturday. The charming and self-taught baker explained how she started her own business out of concerned for her own son and the many other children who are affected by food allergy. 

As you can imagine, this mother knows a thing or two about food allergies. It was fascinating to hear how her personal experience led her to create organic and vegan sweets that are also free of the following 10 priority food allergens:
- Dairy
- Eggs,
- Soy
- Wheat and gluten
- Peanuts
- Tree nuts
- Fish and seafood
- Sesame,
- Sulfites
- And mustard (who knew!).

That's a meticulous undertaking. And thanks to her efforts, parents can now bring sweets to a party without worries!

Even if you don't suffer from any allergy, I highly recommend this pâtisserie. The mini cupcakes I tried where deliciously moist and sweet. Try the Red Velvet and the lemon ones, they're my favourites. 

Petit Lapin Pâtisserie is located on 342A Victoria Avenue in Westmount. 
Tel. (514) 507-4077

Photo credit: Monique Simone
2 comments on "Petit Lapin, An Allergen Free and Gluten Free Pâtisserie"
  1. What a good idea! I'm sure Petit Lapin will be a great success and many children and adults will now be able to enjoy these sweet treats which look so pretty too. A cute name!

    1. Indeed, I am sure many parents will now be relieved to know they are picking allergen free cakes. And if you think the name is cute, wait till you see the store!


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