Latest Etsy Finds: More Watercolours!

Aug 26, 2014

I often visit Etsy for dainty jewellery pieces and fun stationnary such as thank you cards and chic pencils. But what I enjoy above all is to find truly inspiring watercolour paintings made by talented artists. Here are my latest colourful finds that could bring an elegant touch to any room:

1. Vogue cover art from Silver Ridge Studio
2. A little bit sexy from Jessica Illustration
3. A macaron day in Paris inspired by Ladurée from Lucile's Kitchen

Which one is your favourite?

4 comments on "Latest Etsy Finds: More Watercolours!"
  1. I would happily have all three in my home! I have an obsession with macarons. Eating one a day , a different flavour daily would be so good!

    1. I am also fond of macarons, but with watercolours there are no sugar rush nor guilt involved! Glad you like my picks;)

  2. I love those underthings and Jessica Durrant. Macaroons - either I've not had a good one yet or I'm not fond. I'm an ice cream / frozen custard girl myself. FYI - I'm starting a painting challenge next week! Original watercolors every single day. if you are interested.

    1. It's just impossible that you don't like macarons!!! I'm an ice cream lover too, and I also adooore macarons. I don't know about your painting challenge. As much as I love watercolours, I don't pretend to be an artist if you know what I mean. That being said, I am curious to see what YOU will create...


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