iStore: The New Digital Lifestyle Destination

Aug 21, 2014
Get ready to add a new i-word to your vocabulary: the iStore is now open!

I don't pretend to be the geekest woman around, but I'm definitively one who enjoys well-designed gadgets and brilliant accessories.

So it's with sheer enthusiasm that I attended the iStore international launch last week at the Centre Rockland. This exciting new kind of store offers the widest range of digital lifestyle products from the most fashionable brands out there. Instead of having to go to three different stores to find a chic iPad case, cool new headphones or a slim portable battery, you can now visit the iStore in Rockland or the istoreworld online to find all of the above and more.

While the Apple store features around 80% of Mac related products and 20% of products from other brands, the iStore has the opposite business model. So you will still be able to purchase the iPhones, iPads and iPods while browsing through a wide collection of digital lifestyle solutions. The elegant store  - with a gorgeous black and white checkered floor - is divided into distinctive areas such as audio, cases & bags, accessories, connected home, health & fitness, entertainment & lifestyle and mobile devices. And there is even a sound-proof booth where you can test the range of the wireless speakers available in store. I have tried it, it's such a unique experience!

Not only is the selection impressive, but the sleek and stylish store design is just so appealing. It really caters to fashion forward shoppers who are passionate about technology.

Although its first location is in Quebec and the iStore is a Montreal-based company, the owners intend on opening additional stores in various Canadian malls as well as well as exploring international opportunities. 

Isn't cool that Montreal is home to the very first iStore?

The iStore is located on the third floor of the Rockland Center.

Catherine xo
2 comments on "iStore: The New Digital Lifestyle Destination "
  1. What a stylish store. It looks like a shop which might be selling high end fashion. I would be happy to spend time there trying out speakers etc. Montreal has been on my must-visit list for a while too.

  2. So you now have the perfect excuse to visit Montreal!!


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