SkinCeuticals Latest Elixir: Resveratrol B E

Jul 4, 2014

We have all been told to drink a little red wine everyday because it contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. Thanks to SkinCeuticals, aka the "Antioxidant Authority", we can now apply the famous longevity molecule directly to our skin as part of our nigh time beauty regimen.

After developing powerful vitamin C serums (C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF) used in the morning to help neutralise free radical damage from external source like UV, infrared and pollution, the brand looked into ways of boosting skin's nightly repair cycle. 

Named Resveratrol B E, their new antioxidant nighttime treatment combines a concentration of pure, stable resveratrol with baicalin and vitamin E to prevent and repair accumulated damages such as loss of elasticity, radiance and density. This powerhouse might come with a hefty price tag ($145), but it is formulated with a 1% concentration of resveratrol making it the highest level available on the market. In a 12-week clinical trial, Resveratrol B E revealed considerable improvement in terms of collagen production, skin density and inflammation reduction.

I have been testing the serum for two consecutive weeks and I have already noticed less redness when I look at my face in the morning. The yellow silky gel is meant to be used at night following cleansing. It instantly melts into skin, leaving the face fresh and smooth.

Now is this the fountain of youth? It's certainly too soon to tell. But considering the results I have obtained so far with Phloretin CF, I am eager to try it for a longer period of time...along with a nice glass of red.


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