Pineapple Everything

Jul 7, 2014

I couldn't be happier that pineapples are having a fashion moment this season. Not only do I love the sweetness and the juiciness of this exotic fruit, but everytime I smell one I imagine myself on a tropical island. Bold, quirky and playful, the pineapple trend is surpringly easy to rock. Here are my chic picks—from clothing to fashion and home accessoriesto add a bright and refreshing spark to your summer!

Happy shopping!

Pixie Market red shirt, $45 / Topshop sequin top $81/ Park Lane leather shoes, $49 / Charlotte Olympia green purse, $795 / Skinnydip tech accessory, $21 / Scotch Soda belt, $27 / Etsy Fruit wall art, $40 / Zara Home table lamp, $115
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2 comments on "Pineapple Everything"
  1. The lamp is sold out, I'm so sad!

    1. I have seen many others elsewhere. You should definitively look around!


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