My Ultimate Trick To Survive A Heat Wave In The City

Jul 24, 2014

Summer in the city can be a blessing, especially after a long and harsh winter like the one we have been through. But once the temperature gets through the roof and you are stuck in town, misery can come crawling fast. 

We have all been told to stay hydrated, to eat lots of food with water content such as watermelon and cucumber, and to preferably wear loose fitting clothes to beat the heat. I have another tip up my sleeves that won't change the humidity factor, but that will definitively help you stay cool and fresh when temperatures soar. 

My trick is to use the Lush Eau Roma Water

This gentle face mist can be used before applying a moisturiser or to complete your cleansing routine. The delicate rose water is brilliant to minimise redness while the lavender water really soothes the skin. Not only is the awesome formulation all-natural, but the fact that it comes in a plastic bottle is such a great idea. Unlike other similar products packaged in a metal canister where the water is kept under high pressure, the Lush one can be left in the refrigerator for hours and be used whenever you need to be refreshed and rejuvenated. It's such a pleasant way to cool down in the middle of a hot summer day. Plus, this toner smells lovely and it's surprisingly hydrating.

Give it a try, I promise; you won't get enough of it!
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First image credit: The New York Time

2 comments on "My Ultimate Trick To Survive A Heat Wave In The City"
  1. I love the Evian mist spray's been so hot here in London too!
    Have a great weekend...keep cool ;) xx

  2. I like Evian too, it such a fine mist.
    Wishing you a mighty good weekend! xoxo


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