Birks Bee Chic

Jun 2, 2014
Birks for Bees

A few days ago, I was invited by Birks to sip bubbly at a garden party in honor of their 135th anniversary. 

To celebrate this important milestone, the Canadian jeweller decided to pay homage to the honey bee through a bold new collection Birks Bee Chic.

I had heard that Birks had recently unveiled a beekeeping installation and suspended green roof at its Square Phillips flagship in Montreal to mark its support of honey bee conservation with concrete actions.

But I wasn't aware of the issue behind it all.

Did you know that in each of the past six years, one-third of honey bee colonies have been lost in North America and Europe? This is known as Colony Collapse, and if it continues our agricultural production will be decimated. Bees play a central role in sustaining almost 90% of wild plants, supporting biodiversity, whole ecosystem, and the critical balance of water, oxygen and carbon dioxide that supports all life. And the most fascinating aspect, it's that bees pollinate the plants that provide one out of three bites of food we eat.

If you wish to support this cause and need an excuse to visit Birks, you'll be pleased to know that 10% of the sale of the dainty Birks Bee Chic honeycomb-shaped pendant in silver (shown above) will benefit the Honey Bee Research Centre. 

Now that's what I call mindful shopping!

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