Weleda's Invigorating Citrus Collection

Apr 8, 2014

Now that we are about to dive into the new season with exciting closet updates, I have to share with you my latest spring skincare find: Weleda's Citrus Collection

I have had a love affair with lemon for as long as I can remember. I am fond of the yellow citrus because it reminds me of growing up in Europe where the lemon tree is in abundance around the Mediterranean basin. That's why lemon is my favourite scent. I love its vibrant colour as well as its fresh and invigorating fragrance. And who doesn't enjoy gelato al limone on a warm summer night?

I have recently made the conscious decision to use more natural products in my beauty routine. It's simply the best approach for both the environment and my own body. I haven't completely switched to all organic products but I aim to introduce natural cosmetics as much as possible in my daily routine. 

In my latest search for toxic-free and chemical-free skincare products, I came across the Swiss brand Weleda, which has been making eco-friendly cosmetics since 1921. I was immediately smitten by the lovely fragrance of the Creamy Body Wash and the Hydrating Body Lotion from the Citrus Collection. As much as I like body lotions and shower gels infused with a floral or fruity essence, I'd rather smell the real thing instead of a pungent and genetically engineered scent. Formulated with zesty organic sun ripened lemons, the Weleda Citrus Collection is right up my alley.

My favourite pick from that line is the silky and luxurious body wash. It is so refreshing and revitalising for the skin. And everytime I use it, I can almost imagine myself sipping limoncello in a fragrant lemon orchard on Italy's Amalfi coast. I am now in the mood for spring!

Catherine xo
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