Happy Birthday Claire Underwood!

Apr 8, 2014

"I want to be significant" 

Claire Underwood

Can you imagine that Robin Wright — aka Claire Underwood in the acclaimed Netflix original series "House of Cards"  is turning 46 today? Stunning, isn't! It's quite fascinating to see how her character has become such a fashion icon since the release of the first season last year. I am so enamoured by her chic and minimalist wardrobe. I simply can't get enough of Claire's tailored shift dresses, her black Louboutin Pigalles, her thick-framed glasses and her Oxford shirts. I don't know about you, but that's totally my kind of power dressing!

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
2 comments on "Happy Birthday Claire Underwood!"
  1. She looks amazing...I love her style!
    Happy Weekend xx

    1. Indeed, she looks stunning and so elegant.
      Happy weekend to you too Catherine!


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