Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign #IDOIT - #JELEFAIS

Apr 17, 2014

Breast Observation: I Do It Because I Can

Although I am the kind of person who tends to look on the bright side of things and takes each moment as an opportunity to learn and to grow, I must admit that real life isn't always heartwarming and glamorous. While I am usually private about personal matters, for the first time on my blog, I have decided to address a topic very close to my heart: breast cancer.

I was recently approached by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation to take part in their annual awareness campaign on breast observation.

Until recently, I thought breast cancer was something terrible that only occurred to other women. But when my mother was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer last year, the disease and its repercussions suddenly became real and quite distressing.

Now that my mother has gone through surgery and radiotherapy treatments, my knowledge of breast cancer has grown tremendously. The situation opened my eyes to the importance of adopting a healthier lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet as well as reducing my exposure to chemicals and toxins in beauty and household products.

It also made me more proactive about breast observation because it's simply the first step in taking charge of the health of your breasts.

Did you know that:
  • In Quebec 6000 women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis this year, and 20% of them will be under 50 years old, before the age at which systematic mammograms are recommended?
  • Breast cancer is the second cause of deaths among women?
  • 78% of women do not check their breast regularly, either because their are afraid they don't know how or they are convinced they can't do it.
If you have questions on how to take action or if you wish to know more about the latest breast health practices, visit

To stay well informed on services provided by the Foundation, visit
To discover all the other ladies who took part in the campaign, feel free to visit the Foundation's Facebook page:

Please share this message to all the women around you and to take charge of your health…because you can!
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