When I Grow Old...

Mar 4, 2014
Linda Rodin in Manhattan

I have been so inspired by the fabulous ladies in my last post, that I have been searching for other mature faces that I could look up to. At 65 years-old, model Linda Rodin is the epitome of understated elegance. I don't know if it's her silver poodle, Winky, or her bold fuchsia lips that makes her so cool. Or is it perhaps her positive outlook on life that makes her a happy and vivacious woman. I'd say all of the above.

Catherine xo

Image from Advanced Style
2 comments on "When I Grow Old..."
  1. I think you're right..it's all of the above...nothing plays a bigger part than attitude there are so many wonderful inspirational ladies in their 60s.
    Thanks for popping by always lovely to hear from you...have a good day :)

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