Rituals Time Out Gift Set

Mar 26, 2014

Don't you love when someone brings you back a little something from a recent trip abroad? I certainly do!

Last weekend, a friend of mine who had just returned from the UK stopped by my house to share his latest travel adventures. And he came bearing gifts. Indeed, he spoiled me the luxurious Rituals Time Out Gift Set. Since I had never heard of such skincare products before, he promptly explained that the Dutch brand is all the rage in England at the moment and that it is now available at the NYC upscale store Barneys. He then mentioned that Rituals is the fastest growing beauty brand in Europe and the largest one in the Netherlands.

With such a thrilling introduction, I was quite eager to open the gift box and discover the essence of this "new" brand. My friends know me well. As much as I enjoy traveling, I also love to try out foreign beauty brands because it is often an opportunity to unveil different beauty traditions and learn more about secret ingredients used in other parts of the world. And that is just about the idea behind Rituals.

With the bestselling Time Out Gift Set from their Sakura collection, the company is proposing an exotic pampering escapade to Japan with four products enriched with gentle rice milk and cherry blossom. The body care gift set includes the Zensation shower foam, the Carpe Diem shampoo, the Magic Touch body cream and the Sakura body scrub. Here is how the Sakura collection is described at the back of the chic packaging: "For centuries, the Japanese have celebrated the annual flowering of the Cherry Blossom, or Sakura. This marks an awakening of nature and symbolises that beauty is momentary and life must be enjoyed. Inspired by this tradition, our Sakura collection blends the sweetness of Cherry Blossom with nourishing Organic Rice Milk, to make each day feel like a new beginning." 

I have had a wonderful time indulging with the gorgeous products from the Rituals Time Out Gift Set. I was particularly pleased with the delicious Zensation shower gel, which changes into a creamy foam in contact with water. It is really surprising to see that with only a small amount of product, it quickly turns into a frothy and bubbly texture that leaves skin soft and silky. 

That being said, my favourite item has to be the Magic Touch ultra rich, whipped body cream. This rich cream is definitively the most sophisticated product from the Sakura line. Its texture is just amazingly velvety and though I don't usually like lotions and creams with fragrance, the natural ingredients of rice milk and cherry offer an intoxicating and very subtle smell. It's simply divine! I highly recommend that you try out this fabulous pampering kit.

Catherine xo

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