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Iconic And Timeless Faces At NARS, Marc Jacobs Beauty And Louis Vuitton

Feb 27, 2014
Catherine Deneuve for Louis Vuitton

If like me, you are loving the iconic and mature ladies we are currently seeing in magazines these days, you'll be pleased to hear that this trend is not about to fade.

After Catherine Deneuve for Louis Vuitton, it's now Marc Jacobs that is taking the fashion world by surprise by announcing today that 64-years-old actress Jessica Lange will be the new face of his beauty line. And if that's any coincidence, on the same day, NARS unveiled that 68-years-old actress Charlotte Rampling will be the face of its 20th anniversary campaign. 

I command these brands for selecting such mythic women and talented actresses. I hope we will see more of these timeless beauties in upcoming campaigns. Wouldn't you agree?

Catherine xo

Jessica Lange for NARS
The ever so stylish Charlotte Rampling
Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton, Nars and Marc Jacobs

Sportswear Chic At Judith & Charles

Feb 26, 2014

The sportswear trend has been gaining in popularity since a couple of seasons. Instead of completely replicating sports uniforms, similarly to when the trend was first introduced, it appears that the new interpretation of sporty aesthetic has become more subtle and sophisticated. It is precisely what characterises a few pieces from the Judith & Charles 2014 spring collection. With a clear focus on clean lines and contemporary silhouettes, the Canadian brand makes casual chic not only highly wearable, but also effortlessly polished. I am particularly fond of the baseball jersey-inspired Spencer sweater. It would look so cool with a black baseball cap!

Catherine xo

Image courtesy of Judith & Charles

New Cherished Pieces at Tiffany's

Feb 10, 2014
A 50th edition of Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's with a giant diamond crystal paperweight

Do you know any woman that would not be pleased to receive a famous little blue box from Tiffany & Co. on Valentine's Day?

It's certainly a dream I share with many other woman all over the world. To tell you the truth, I often find myself wandering in a Tiffany & Co. store mesmerised by all the breathtaking pieces. It's such a legendary place filled with dazzling gemstones, iconic collections and beautifully designed jewels.

It's not surprising that the Tiffany designs are sought after by many museum curators in the world such as London's British Museum or the Louvre in Paris, just to name a few.

Just like Audrey Hepburn said it in Breakfast at Tiffany's: "Nothing very bad could happen to you there". That might just explain why Tiffany & Co. is such a great place to wander. Sometimes it's fun to wander when you are in love, when you are falling out of love, when you are longing to love again and sometimes it's simply inspiring to wander in such a magnificent place as Tiffany & Co.

I read somewhere that women love glamour because it's a way of escaping their reality. I don't know about you, but I can definitively relate to that!

When it comes to jewelry, I have always preferred dainty and timeless pieces. I like the ones that can easily be worn everyday, the ones that you put on and never really take off because they become part of your signature look. I think it's quite chic to have a few well chosen pieces that are personal and meaningful. It's even better when these cherished pieces work well together because they make you feel pull together.

Tiffany's Lavender Amethyst Ring in 7.25 carat weight 

Although Breakfast at Tiffany's was not filmed in my hometown, whenever I visit my store, I can't help but imagining Holly Golightly window gazing while munching on a danish. I think I was inspired by her flare and enthusiasm when I visited Tiffany's last week. Instead of gravitating towards delicate and classic pieces, I felt tempted by other pieces I had never really considered before. 

While browsing through the various collections on display, I couldn't resist trying on the spectacular lavender amethyst cocktail ring shown above. This 7.25 carat ring is just spectacular!

Here are the other pieces I recently fell in love with: 

Paloma's Marrakesh bangle in sterling silver, medium. Paloma Picasso Loving Heart tag bracelet in sterling silver, small. Paloma Picasso Love & Kisses Mini Bracelet in Sterling silver, medium.

Tiffany Hearts pendant in RUBEDO metal, large. Return to Tiffany mini heart tag in 18k gold on a bead bracelet. Return to Tiffany small heart tag in 18k gold on a bead bracelet.
Ziegfeld Collection pearl ring in sterling silver and black onyx. Ziegfeld Collection black onyx tassel necklace in sterling silver and Ziegfeld Collection pearl tassel necklace in sterling silver.

I often dream of receiving the coveted blue box, but I have recently embraced the idea of buying myself jewelry. While it can be quite thrilling and meaningful to receive this type of gift from a loved one, it is equally fabulous to sometimes treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry when you have a special occasion to celebrate. Like Valentine's Day!

Catherine xo

Sizzling Beach Styles By Quintsoul Swimwear

Feb 5, 2014

If you are about to escape the winter cold for a sunny destination, you might want to have a look at Quinsoul, a cool swimsuit and beachwear collection I recently discovered. Designed by Katherine Marchant, the Montreal-based company offers various laid-back and colourful swimwear lines as well as fun cover-ups and beach tunics. I am quite fond of their white line, which I find particularly sophisticated and alluring.The black bikini with thin straps shown above would be just perfect for sipping cocktails at a pool side party in South Beach. Mojitos anyone?

Catherine xo

5 Lipsticks To Glam Up Your Lips On Valentine's Day

Feb 3, 2014

I am all in favour of wearing red lipstick for special occasions and Valentine's Day is one them. While I usually prefer pink and coral lips for everyday life, there is nothing like a red pout to channel the old Hollywood glamour look. Just like everything else, I like to have options (I am sure you do too!) when it comes to deciding on lip products. Here are the ones I tend to keep on rotation in my makeup bag: a classic mid-tone red lipstick for a Parisian flare (2), a creamy and luscious formula that just glides on the lips (3), a modern matte pencil very easy to apply (1) and (5) or a shiny gloss remarkably well-pigmented (4).

Catherine xo