Winter Skin Saviors: My Top Beauty Tips

Jan 8, 2014

Is your skin suffering from the polar vortex that is currently hitting the East Coast? If your face is dry, flaky and dull from venturing out in the harsh winter cold, there are a few beauty tips I would like to share with you:

1. Drink plenty of water to replenish your beauty from within. When it's simply too cold to drink water, I like to switch to green tea or herbal tea to keep me warm and cosy.
2. Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. Not only will this help comfort your skin, it will also help prevent nasal congestion. I saw a major improvement the first year I bought mine. And don't forget to buy a new filter every winter to keep your air safe and clean.
3. Slather on sunscreen to prevent further skin damage and protect your skin from the UV rays, which are being reflected by the snow. An SPF 30 or a broader spectrum is mandatory.
4. Clean your face with a mild cream or milk cleanser instead of using a gel or a liquid one, which will not only remove your makeup and impurities but also the precious oils that keep your face moisturized and glowing.
5. Exfoliate your skin a few times a week in order to gently melt away the layer of dead skin. This step is crucial and will help seal in the moisture more effectively.

Since moisturizing is key when dealing with winter woes, here are my favorite moisturizing mask, serum and creams to treat your face to a much-needed TLC:

Please feel to let me know what are the best products in your winter skincare routine

Catherine xo

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