On A Bad Day, There's Always Lipstick

Jan 16, 2014

We have been told there are two certainties in life: taxes and death. To this list, I would add two others: on a tough day, there will always be lipstick and shoes to bring joy to my world. Of course, I don't run to buy myself a new pair of shoes everytime I have a tough day. But I have a confession to make, I am the kind of gal who enjoys indulging in a new lipstick every now and then when I am sad, overwhelmed or simply annoyed with life. It might be some kind of coping mecanism, but I don't feel it's an unhealthy one! It allows me to take a step back and to look at the world in a different light. I would even say that it brings me solace and courage to carry on with my day. And the best part is that it works every time! I'm convinced I am not the only woman who can fully grasp why lipstick sales are so robusts during a crisis or a recession. 

Although I can't wait for spring to come to wear my coral lipsticks more often, I must say that lately I have been enticed by soft pinks and nudes hues. If you are curious to know what were my latest pick me up lipsticks, here they are below:

Catherine xo

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