My Chat With Bianca Gervais

Nov 2, 2013

Yesterday, I attended the 'Weekend de toute beauté', a big beauty celebration for women, which is taking place until Sunday at the Montreal Palais des Congrès. Sponsored by Lise Watier, this glamorous event is for all women who want to stay up to date on the latest beauty and fashion trends. Here are some of the exhibitors not be missed: Rudsak, Matt & Natt, Martin Lim, Michel Desjardins, Travis Taddeo, Femme de carrière, Bijoux Caroline Néron, Rusk, China Glaze, Zorah Biocosmétiques and many more!

I had the pleasure of meeting actress Bianca Gervais, spokesperson of the event, who candidly answered a few questions I had for her:

Pearls & Caramel: Why have you accepted to become the ambassador of the 'Weekend de toute beauté'?
Bianca Gervais: When Chantal Neveu (the event organizer) explained that she wanted to put together a chic event where beauty and fashion would meet under the same roof and that it would be  an opportunity for women to meet with industry experts and discover the latest trends, I felt right at home. That is exactly the type of event I would have enjoyed attending with my girlfriends. I am passionate about beauty, I always like to try on new body and face cream and find out new beauty tricks. I also love fashion as well as shopping and I am so thrilled to be part of such a cool event.

P&C: What are your three beauty must have? 
B.G.: I just adore the Body Soufflé from Montreal-based company Moroccanoil. It's like whipped cream for your body, it's just amazing! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night just to smell its fabulous fragrance. I am also quite fond of all MAC lipsticks. They have such beautiful colors and their texture is so silky on the lips, it's never drying. I am blessed in that regard because it is usually what we use on tv set. And recently, as I was running errands at a drugstore, I discovered a pretty neat and affordable pink blush from Bourjois. It gives a nice pop of colour while adding a nice natural glow. I just love it so much!

P&C: Which beauty tip have you learned from your mother?
B.G. : My mother is a savvy shopper when it comes to beauty. Before purchasing a new cream, she will ask for a sample and try it on the right side of her face while trying another one on the left side. She will then wait until the end of the day in order to analyze the effect the product has on her skin. In other terms, my mother taught me to experiment, to read a lot and to ask lots of questions before purchasing new skincare products.

P&C: Is there a fashion trend you really like wearing this season?
B.G.: Tartan (as she is showing me her tartan vest)! An historian recently told me that tartan is doing a major comeback this fall because we are longing for authenticity nowadays. That is also why brown, burgundy and green forest are big this season. Interesting isn't? I think I am having a grunge moment right now with the tartan trend. I am channeling my inner Kurt Cobain, I just love it!

P&C: Are you more high heels or ballerinas? 
B.G.: Definitively ballerinas! But I also love wearing my Doc Martens (pointing at her feet). My mother always refused to buy me a pair when I was younger so at 28, I finally bought myself a pair and I am so pleased!

P&C: Who are your style icons?
B.G.: In terms of fashion, I like clean lines, I am all for simplicity paired with elegance. I really like Gwyneth Palthrow's style, I find her to be very natural and pretty. I obviously like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, two exquisite style icons from another era. And to that, I would also add my mother. She looks fabulous for her age, she takes great care of her skin and herself in general. These days, there is so much pressure on women to look younger and dress younger, but in the end it all of this can be very deceitful. My mother, on the other hand, knows how to be elegant while dressing her age. She is aging very gracefully and that is why she is such a positive role model for me.

P&C.: What are your top 3 exhibitors to see at the 'Weekend de toute beauté'? 
B.G.: There is Voyou, an audacious street wear company, which is run by a 28-year-old girl, basically my own age.  Also, the leather good company Matt and Natt has created a limited-edition collection for the event, which is very exciting. I love fashion made in Quebec, I find our designers so creative and talented, it's difficult to name just a few of our exhibitors. In terms of beauty, I am so proud that Lise Watier is involved with the event, knowing how women here love and respect the brand and also knowing the level of quality the company has achieved years after years. 

To meet Bianca Gervais, drink some bubbly, get a fresh manicure, a massage, try on some chocolate, some jewelry or to get a styling consultation, head down to Palais des Congrès to the first edition of the 'Weekend de toute beauté'!

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Enjoy your weekend!

Catherine xo

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