A Portrait: Idris Elba

Sep 4, 2013

I first discovered British actor Idris Elba for his brilliant work as business-savvy drug lord Stringer Bell in the American cult production, The Wire. Smitten by his charisma and his commanding presence, I was so pleased to see him land another iconic role as a dedicated detective in the thriller Luther, produced by the BBC. If you are a fan of Elba or simply wish to see his immense talent, you will be delighted to hear that he will be playing Nelson Mandela in director Justin Chadwick's biographical movie, Mandela: Long Walk To Freeedom, which will open in theatre in November. 

Catherine xo

Image from Esquire 

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  1. Oh, Catherine thank you...I ADORE this man...it's fair to say I'm a fan :-)
    Can't wait to see the film; he'll be brilliant, as always.
    Enjoy your week.


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