Winter White Jeans

Jan 24, 2013

When you live where I live, you don't have many opportunities to wear white jeans in the winter. You can always try but you'll soon end up looking like a Dalmatian with the amount of slush on the street!

Now that the snow is melting away, I am more than thrilled to be wearing my white jeans again. There is something effortless chic about wearing white jeans while it's cold outside. Paired with ridding boots and a tailored navy jacket, a brown chunky knit or a camel cashmere sweater, white jeans can be so sophisticated.

How do you style your white jeans in winter?

Catherine xo

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4 comments on "Winter White Jeans"
  1. Oh my! I loooove white jeans in the winter - I do wear mine sometimes but really have to make sure I won't be doing anything to compromise them. I love pairing my white jeans with black boots and my red wool coat from J. Crew <3

    1. Black boots and red wool coat, sounds very stylish:)

  2. I can't even get away with white jeans in the summer but you look grog in them also the styling is very elegant a la jackie.


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