Papabubble, Jewel Like Candies

May 29, 2013

Who can resist such colorful and adorable candies? I certainly can't!

My sweet tooth is no secret to my friends and family, so whenever someone travels abroad, sweets are the number one gift on their list. Sometimes it's chocolate from Switzerland, other times it's caramel from Paris. This time around it was hard little candies from a fabulous place in Barcelona named Papabubble. While visiting the city, my mother came across the famous confectioner and picked a bright assortment of candies for me.

She explained that their creative window display really draws the tourists as well as the locals inside. And once you pass the door, you can't help but being enticed by the scent of sugar while watching how these cute pieces of candy come to life with nothing more than boiled sugar. Isn't fascinating how they manage to make unique drawings inside their candies? They almost look like tiny sculptures.

If you don't have any plans to travel to Barcelona in the near future, you'll be happy to know that Papabubble has now opened a store in New York City. And don't forget to bring your toothbrush because these babies are quite sticky!

Papabubble Carrer Ample, 28 Barcelona

Catherine xo
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