Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shamrock Green

It's that time of year again. The few days leading up to St. Patrick's Day when many are anticipating drinking Guinness while others are feeling inspired to create strange green recipe for their loved ones.

From my perspective, St. Patrick's Day symbolizes the end of winter. And after a very brutal one, my eyes are eager to be surrounded by green, to be inspired by green again. Here are a few green things that have captured my imagination lately.

Are you also awaiting spring with great anticipation?

Catherine xo

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  1. OMG, absolutely waiting for spring and great weather, after a crazy weather around Spain this winter... D:
    Mostly waiting for spring to wear again super bright colors and light dresses <333

    Thanks for this inspiring post, loved the Vogue picture at the beginning.
    See you!
    Amanda R.

    1. Guess many people had a crazy winter! I am also very eager to wear bright colours and light dresses. Glad you find this inspiring Amanda. xoxo Catherine

  2. Catherine, I've never been drawn to green. Ever. Now that I've seen that beautiful green armchair and Kelly, you've made me think twice. Speaking of the weather.....this so called "spring" feels more like winter to me.

    1. I am not particularly drawn to green when it comes to my own style. But for home decor, I think it's a fab accent colour. About the weather, spring is just a dream for the time being in Canada. Enough with the cold!

  3. Such a stunning colour....I LOVE the Vogue cover!
    Thanks for popping by the other day...I was sadly never a ballerina...too tall but I adore dance and like you have a great appreciation for this art form.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Catherine.


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Catherine xo

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