Shoe Lust: Saint Laurent Paloma Sandal

Jan 26, 2013

Considering the fact that we have just experienced the coldest cold (hello minus 38 Celsius), the thought of wearing summer attire is not the most comforting one at the moment. But it's not because we are in the dead of winter that my lust for pretty shoes is in hibernation like the Canadian grizzly bear. Surprisingly enough, the latest pair of shoes that caught my eyes is not a warm fur embellished boot but rather the Saint Laurent Paloma thick ankle-strapped sandal. With its sleek metallic-silver leather stripes, this stylish model is the perfect way to step into Hedi Slimane's new vision for Saint Laurent.

Do you fancy it too?

Enjoy your weekend! Catherine xx

3 comments on "Shoe Lust: Saint Laurent Paloma Sandal"
  1. These heels are super amazing and this is super related to the summer, I just love the taste of your fashion and really got inspired by the way you dressed up.

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