Blue Monday

Nov 19, 2012

It's the season to be blue and it's far from being sad news! Indeed Olympian blue, Pantone 19-4056 to be precise, brings a vibrant energy to our dark world this fall. Just think blue mascara and dashing blue looks at at Stella McCartney, sumptuous blue dresses at Monique Lhullier, bright blue eyeshadow at Anna Sui and, of course the very chic Chanel Le Vernis Bleu Rebel. It makes no doubt, the blue stars are aligned in the sky.

Stella McCartney, Fall 2012
Anna Sui, Fall 2012

With all the creative ways to sports this exuberant color this season, I must confess that my favorite is certainly to opt for bold heels since they add instant awesomeness to any outfit. And with such fabulous blue options out there, you'll have no more reason to wear boring dark shoes.
Burak Uyan
Isabel Marant
Pierre Hardy
Jimmy Choo

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