Monograms: A Sign Of Prestige

Oct 19, 2012

As you might have noticed, monograms are making a big comeback these days.

Originally used on coins to identify a city or a ruler, these insignia were eventually adopted by monarchs and artists as a signature or a seal. But they became even more popular during the Victorian era when they were adopted by the aristocracy as a sign of prestige. With today's technology, the use of monograms is no longer the exclusive right of a privileged few. Indeed, this stylish distinction is now available to everyone and can be use for adorning almost everything from stationary to wedding invitations as well as jewelry, luggage, clothing, shoes and even iPhone case.

What is fascinating about monograms is the transformative power attributed to these letters. Because when we brand our belongings, aren't we in fact expressing our ideal identity and therefore influencing how we wish to be perceived in society? Interesting, don't you think?

On that note, from all the monograms below, which one would you choose to convey your own unique personality? Do you want to know my pick? I think I would probably go with M29, M54 or M5 because I find them quite sleek and elegant. I'm curious to know your choice...

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