Green Tea Mariage Frères

Sep 10, 2012

After a festive weekend where rich food and alcohol were in abundance, I like to return to my good habits on Monday. For me, it means drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, eating light meals prepared with fresh vegetables and lean proteins and sipping green tea throughout the day.

I don't drink green tea because it's good for my skin, my waistline and because it provides antioxidants to my body. Ok, maybe I do. But I also drink it because I like the way it makes me feel and I enjoy the comfort it gives me during the day.

That being said, not all green teas are created equal. Some can be very bitter while others can seem quite bland. That is why I have grown accustomed to drinking green tea mixed with fruits, herbs and flowers. I find that it is a much more refined experience since it becomes a multidimensional one. When combined with other flavors, green tea offers a subtle but layered fragrance, which can either be on the sweet, the fruity or the nutty side depending on the blend. Interestingly enough, the pleasure I have when I get to taste the various aromas can sometimes remind me of the delight in tasting a great wine.

One of my favorite green teas is the Vert Provence from Mariage Frères, the oldest tea house in Paris. Described as a Rose & Lavender, mellow green tea, Vert Provence comes in the famous black canister. Once you open it, your senses are mesmerized by the delicate scents of rose, lavender and blackberry.

On the package, the tea is introduced as following: "The hinterland of Provence in southern France explodes with plants, flowers, and fruit that all boast heady scents. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, broom, juniper, heather, and boxwood dot hills and plateaus; forests of silvery mimosa colour the mountains of Maures and Estérel, and roses, tulips, jasmine, and violets blanket Grasse; finally, golden fruit trees (lemon, orange) light up the Riviera."

And here's a few words about the unique blend: "In order to recreate the magic of southern France, Mariage Frères has taken a grand green tea with a flowery, slightly grassy scent, and blended it with fruits from Provence, dominated by ripe red and black berries, creating an intense bouquet that is round in the mouth, concentrated in flavour, supported by the warm aroma of wild lavender and the sweetness of rose petals."

Sometimes I like to add a bit of candy sugar (or sucre candy in French) in my tea to mask the bitterness and maybe also to ease into the week. After all, drinking tea is another moment of indulgence. 

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