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Aug 17, 2012
Miss England
Beauty Pageants have never been my cup of tea. But when a friend of mine sent me pictures of the latest Miss World Pageant yesterday, I was struck by the diversity of the competitors and how graceful they appeared in their elegant evening gowns.

I often feel that women who compete in such events always tend to look the same. They usually wear similar makeup, have similar hairdo, wear the same type of glittering dresses and provide similar answers during their interviews. Everything about this type of event screams pre-packaged. If only they could put forward their unique style and show us their delightful spontaneity.

Although I haven't had the opportunity of seeing them live, the standard uniformity of Beauty Pageants can't be applied to the following Miss World contestants. Isn't refreshing? Aren't they stunning and unique in their ethereal dresses?

Miss Poland

Miss Belarus
Miss Finland
Miss Côte d'Ivoire
Miss Slovénia
Miss Vietnam
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